Trekking in Andaman Islands

Some parts of the Andaman archipelago are covered by rough terrains that make the trekking experience a lot exciting and challenging. Andamans has enough of trekking sites given the diversity present in each of the islands. A lot of tourists who visit these parts of the globe show fervent interest in trekking. Trekking is particularly popular among the backpackers and those who want to enjoy the real and innate beauty of the untamed locality.

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Among all the trekking sites that offer exciting opportunities, the stretch between magniloquent hammock also known as Mount Harriet to the point of Madhuban Beach is most popular. This region is especially favourite among trekkers on account of the diverse forest life and beautiful green dense forests. The region surrounding Mount Harriet is known as the Harriet National Park. The fact that it shelters 90 bird species, 27 reptile and amphibian species, 12 mammal species and 120 moth species excites the trekkers.

The gorgeous nature trail leading from Hope Town to the National Park is approximately 4 kilometres long. For the more adventurous, the trek routes from Mannarghat to Madhuban beach, which is around 10 kilometres long and the trail from Madhuban Beach to the Forest Guest House which is another 15 kilometres long are best suited. Best time to attempt trekking in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is during the winter months starting from November and continuing till about April. The rainy months are to be avoided. Among the peak months fall the December and January months.

Mount Harriet and Madhuban Beach trek, South Andaman

The Mount Harriet trek in the South Andamans extending to Madhuban is approximately 16 kilometres long. The trek offers rare and beautiful sighting of exotic and endemic bird species and butterflies. The charm of the dense woodlands cannot be ignored. The astonishing trek through the rugged wilderness is replete with adventure and thrill.

Chidiya Tapu, South Andaman, Kala Pahad, Mundapahad

Chidiya Tapu is another great option for eager trekkers. It has an ideal trekking trail that takes one through lush green beautiful forests and the idyllic coast line and leads onto Kala Pahad. The name Kala Pahad, which means ‘Black Mountain’ itself sets the adventurous mind in action. The trekking trail is quite dense here and a travel guide is recommended for the trekkers. After reaching Chidiya Tapu take in the amazing view at the edge of the black cliff with an expansive sea front. This spot is exquisitely beautiful and make the trek worthwhile.

Trekking trail across the Mundapahad to Chidiyatapu is equally exciting. This trekking is exquisitely custom-made for bird watching and the gorgeous sunset viewing. Sunset view is most beautiful at this destination. The trek to Mundapahad starts from Chidiyatapu and leads you on to the southernmost part of the island.

Havelock Island Trek, South Andaman, Elephant Beach

Havelock Island is a favourite among the travellers and tourists on account of being insanely beautiful. The famed beautiful of the island springs from the ancient deep dense forests and beautiful blue seas and white sandy pristine beaches. None of it has been touched by man’s intervention and has been well preserved for ages. Trek through wild and very green forests of Havelock that leads to the winding mangroves of the sea front can be very exhilarating. A milieu of endemic and exotic bird chirp your way all along. The forests offer a wide variety of exciting flora and fauna and it is a pleasure to watch them in their natural surroundings. The enchanting coast line and the cool refreshing breeze calms your senses and leads you gently to the twisted mangrove clusters. The trek extends for about 45 minutes. The trekking trail leads through marsh lands and mangrove forests and you can enjoy the beauty of the location while treading through the jungle paths.

Trek to the Limestone Caves, Baratang, Middle Andaman

Reaching the exquisite Limestone Caves involves a trek of 15 to 20 minutes through a mangrove forest. The track is ruddy and naturally beautiful. At times it is narrow with barely a path to pass cut through dense vegetation and huge stones.

Trek to Alfred Caves and Saddle Peak, Diglipur Island, North Andaman

This trek offers a different and exotic flavour as it leads to the mystical maze of caves. The 22 caves are interconnected at places and disjointed at some other places. This destination is not much frequented and it is adventurous to explore the less trodden paths. The local guides and trekking escorts take you across the woody forests to reach the famous Raman or Alfred Caves of Diglipur Island.

The trek to Saddle Peak has lots to offer. The lush green tropical forest houses 13 indigenous species of birds and is a natural delight for ornithologists. The 36 variants of indigenous insect species intrigue the zoologists and even common man. The flora also competes with the fauna variety with 6 different species of indigenous trees. This bio reserve is a natural paradise for nature lovers and the trekking enthusiasts. Saddle Peak is the highest point of the Diglipur Island and the island also has the only river of Andaman archipelago flowing across it.

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