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Andaman Honeymoon tour packages from Pune

The honeymoon couples customizing a bliss package of memories and joy to the far off Andamans should venture out into the less crowded areas and islands of this archipelago. For example, they can plan to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the foamy waterfalls by approaching the waterfall site of the remote islands through a narrow and less trodden path winding across the dense forests. 

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This little strange island is uninhabited and hence so much more coveted for a honeymoon couple. The narrow and long brownish sandy beach is peaceful and quiet and lives ample scope to rest in harmony with the nature. Reach out to the exclusive beauty of the White Surf waterfalls in the heart of Hutbay Island in Andamans. Hutbay Island is more popular by the name Little Andaman and harbours the Butler Bay beach and White Surf Waterfall. Also experience the sheer thrill of being close to the some of the original inhabitants of the Andaman Island the aboriginal tribe of Onge in this island. The calm and peaceful nature’s retreat filled with small creeks and various landforms offer surprises at every step.

Also, if you are in a hungry search for more pockets of uninhabited virgin island spaces, do visit the Katchal Island which is the home to the Nicobari Tribes and a few handful migrant Tamilians. It offers a splendid preview of the unique lifestyle of the indigenous people. Do be prepared with a permit from the rightful authorities to enter the island. The splendour of life’s simplicity, the mystery of the lesser known lives, the untouched and long-preserved beauty of nature, the intense seas and vibrant flora and fauna will make your memories worth a lifetime.

Watch out for the rare rainbows in Andaman sky that suddenly peeps out from behind the fragile fluffy clouds somewhere or the other even on sunny days. Carve a figurine and build a sand castle on the wet beach sands where no crowd is there to spoil and hamper your creativity. Wander hand-in-hand among the strangeness and unfamiliarity of the Steward Island off the coast of the mystic Mayabunder. Take a dunghi from Mayabunder to reach this island via an hour’s journey.

Watch the fascinating creation and processes of nature by a delightful visit to the turtle hatching and nesting site of the Kalipur Beach in the Diglipur Island during the months of October to March. Enrich your honeymoon experience by the fascinating trip to any of the turtle nesting and hatching sites and watch the rare species of at least four different varieties of turtles breeding on the white sands of the various islands. Olive Ridley, Leather Back, Hawk Bill and Green Turtles are the four species that reach these remote locations every year to lay eggs. Then when the young ones hatch it is even more fascinating to watch them instinctively inching off into the warm blue waters. The little black newly hatched mini turtles crawling steadily and surely towards the sea waves the moment they hatch out is indeed a sight.

The honeymooners get a chance to bask in the pleasant sunshine and gather some refreshing experiences from the lush green and blue environs loaded with natural beauty. The land forms, culture, architecture, heritage and local life are the other fascinating aspects that honeymooners can enjoy apart from the natural beauty.

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