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Andaman Honeymoon tour packages from Bangalore

Bangalore has a soothing climate almost all round the year. But Bangalore does not have any sea beaches close by. Thus the beautiful splendour of the sandy white beaches of Andamans is indeed a treat for the honeymoon planners travelling from Bangalore.

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The beauty of the Kaala Patthar Beach in Havelock Island has been overshadowed by the glory of the legendary beach of the world famous Radhanagar Beach. But this beach is not less beautiful than the other more populated beaches of Andamans. The beauty of the beaches of Andamans can be easily compared with the exotic beaches of Hawaii, Caribbean, Peurto-Rico, Phuket, Langkawi etc. Thus Andamans make for an equally alluring destination for the honeymooners of Bangalore.

The honeymooners get delighted and pleasantly amazed by some of the most beautiful beaches of Asia. Andaman and Nicobar islands make for a honeymoon couple’s vacation dream come true. The fresh green of the tropical jungles pitted against the lovely white beaches make for ideal view points for picture-perfect sunsets and glorious sunrises. The flourishing coral reefs and the teeming underwater colourful and bright water life are all truly magical experiences to be enjoyed with the most loved one of our lives.

This constantly evolving fanciful destination for the honeymoon couples have a lot in store to leave you more amazed the more you get a chance to explore. Imagine the elephant safaris in thick green jungles of some remote island (not to speak of the immeasurable delight of swimming with the elephants), also get a chance to discover the wilderness trails lost in the ancient island forests, think of the excitement of a big catch angling down in the deep blue seas and the ever indulgent treks through mountain forests and the thrilling life of a seafarer close to the mud volcanoes. Find the joy of love as you share the most thrilling moments of your life with your loved one in a honeymoon sojourn in the fantastic islands of Andaman and Nicobar.

The unexplored lovely alluring beaches and the mysterious combination of untamed nature and wilderness at its best spread its aura and captivate the soul of the travellers for a lifetime. Andaman visit truly makes for a very attractive honeymoon tour package from Bangalore. It has plenty of exotic features, beauty and adventure stored in its innumerable enigmatic beaches, mangrove-fringed creeks, colourful bird species, rare and eye-catching flora and fauna to keep the honeymoon hearts entertained constantly.

Each and every solitary and beautiful nook and corner of the naturally stunning islands can make love bloom. The idyllic charm, the absence of rush of modern life, the melody of sea waves, the daily dose of sunset and sunrise splendour will melt all hearts and fill it to brim with love, joy, happiness and peace.

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