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Andaman Honeymoon tour packages from Ahmedabad

Andaman and Nicobar Island group is a conglomeration of 572 islands out of which a mere 36 are inhabited. Rest lie is peace uninhabited and shrouded in deep dark mystery. The mystery factor combined with the unearthly beauty make for an enthralling honeymoon destination. The young couples newly married and about to start a journey of a lifetime also get a chance to spend some exclusive moments in the peace and beauty of the islands. The honeymoon couples planning a tour from Ahmedabad can choose from a myriad of joyful and well customized trips typically designed as honeymoon packages.

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Some of the Islands like the Red Skin Island are known for their brilliant exhibition of colourful corals but is not that crowded in any time of the year. Such other places that are steeped in beauty but not that crowded are Lamiya Bay Beach in Diglipur and also in the other beaches of Diglipur such as the Ramnagar Beach and Kalipur Beach. The honeymoon couples can spend some undisturbed moments of intense solitude sitting on the moist rocks jutting out of the beautiful seas and listening to the incessant waves crashing against the numerous rocks.  The calmness and peace that prevails in the surrounding leave your soul at peace and mind at rest.

All of the beaches of Andamans lie in a stretch or a curve along the calm seas and the piles of dead corals heaped at places along the shore add much to the beauty of the surroundings. What a wonderful way to spend your vacation exploring deep dark and mysterious caves along the vast oceans and in some remote island. Imagine the mystery it shrouds and the interest it creates in the curious minds. These narrow limestone caves in the Baratang Island offer something to every traveller ranging from sheer delight and adventure to mystery and amazement. Similar delight and mystery awaits the beholders of the Parrot Island where every day at dusk you can see the thousands of parrots being beckoned by some invincible mysterious force towards this remote island in the middle of nowhere. To reach at the precincts of this mysterious Parrot Island one needs to catch a dunghi boat at the Baratang Jetty. The island presents a mangrove forest that seems to be so evenly cut and orderly. It is the roosting and resting place of the parrots from dusk to dawn. To roost and perch, these parrots tear away the saplings and trim the island giving the island a well-dressed and groomed look.

Visit the quiet, quaint village life of the several villages scattered among the various islands where you get to meet happy contended people where people wake up with sunrise and sleep with sunset. No wonder they have never felt the need of electricity. The story of how they grow betel nuts and sell them how they catch fish to make two ends meet, the stories of the hard work carving the objects of utility from the everyday natural objects found in nature. Listen to the happiness in the voices of these simple villagers and learn the bigger lessons of life along with your loved one. These experiences are sure to leave you feel richer and more tolerant towards the sufferings of earthly life. The sheer bliss of honeymoon will be doubly enjoyable connecting to the simple lives living close to nature.

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