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General Information

Ahmedabad has a strictly industrial mindset. The tourists and travellers planning a getaway from this dry industrial hub to the wet watery oceanic beauty of Andamans would be exhilarating for the inhabitants. The tour packages form Ahmedabad to Andamans would be a thrilling journey from Manchester of the East to the Emerald Isle of the East.

Andamans prove to be a delightful break from the monotonous and business culture predominant in Ahmedabad to a vacation of doing nothing. It is an interesting shift from an urban mix of city life, modern traditions and urbanism to the natural wonders, expansive blue seas, bright sunny skies and enchanting wild life. Such a tour package will be a surprise shift from the diversity of places, religions and urban communities of one of the busiest metropolitan of Indian mainland to a laidback, peaceful, down-to-earth simple living community culture of these small and isolated Islands thousands of kilometres away from the Indian mainland.

The tourists travelling to the far off isles of the Andaman and Nicobar from the away-from-the-seas city bustle and life would relish each and every natural wonder and carry back home tonnes of memorable moments.

Things to do in Andaman

What to look for in the Andaman tour packages from Ahmedabad

  • The historical enigma of Cellular Jail in Port Blair, that make you live through the brave freedom struggle of National heroes and their hardships and grief, the wildlife, flora and fauna of Mount Harriet National Park, that offers an exciting trekking option and unhindered peace and natural charm
  • The peace and solitude of Neil Island, “The vegetable bowl” that exhibits brilliant coral reefs, unexplored bio-diversity and pristine white sandy beaches. The enchanting beauty of the beaches of Havelock, that comprises the Radhanagar Beach, tagged as the Best Beach in Asia, Elephant Beach that provides exciting water sports and water adventure activities, the Vijay Nagar Beach (also known as the Beach No. 5), and also Beach No. 3 and Beach No. 1 equally enthralling and eye-catching
  • The mud volcanoes, a wondrous and rare natural phenomenon, of Baratang Island that never ceases to surprise you
  • The bewitching mangrove creeks of Baratang Island, where you plan a safari through the mangrove trees and shrubs that grows abundantly in shallow and muddy salt/brackish waters. These creeks running through quiet shorelines and estuaries provides an exciting and unforgettable experience.
  • The active volcano of Barren Island, the undeniably thrilling sensation of watching an ancient volcano live and fuming and relive all those recent memories and pictures of the molten lava oozing out of its bowels
  • The mysterious parrot attracting uninhabited Parrot Island viewing the hundreds of the of beautiful of bird species gathering at dusk everyday out of nowhere.
  • The quaint Island of Diglipur which offers an interesting watch for turtle nesting a rare and bewildering phenomenon that awes the tourists and travellers; Kalipur Beach is internationally famous for being the nesting and breeding ground for rare turtle species that are getting almost extinct and are now ferociously protected by the wildlife agencies.

How to Reach Andamans from Ahmedabad

Try out the low-cost as well as the high-end airlines to fly you from Ahmedabad to Port Blair. Air India, Jet Airways, GoAir, Vistara and among the major airlines operating between Ahmedabad and Port Blair. Book early to get the best deals in flight fares and hotel accommodation. Avail the cashback options and apply the coupon codes when you book through the various websites. Contact your travel agents for bulk booking discounts is fares and tariffs. If you enjoy cruising, then travelling by ship from Ahmedabad to either Vizag or Chennai and then availing cruise ship directly to Port Blair might be a thrilling option.

Places to Visit in Andamans

If you are looking to book Andaman tour package from Ahmedabad, then feel free to get in touch with our Andaman travel expert by filling our enquiry form and we assure you that we will deliver extraordinary services at attractive cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is passport required for Andaman?

Answer: Andaman Nicobar is a part of the country of India. So there is no need of passport specifically or any special permit for Indian citizens to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands. There would special or specific permissions required to visit the protected area belonging to the native Tribal communities. Some jungles or islands are open only for research, educational and other studies purposes. Some can be visited by tourists with permissions by gaining Andaman Island Restricted Area Permit.

Q: How many days would be sufficient in Neil Island?

Answer: Neil Island is a part of the three island tours usually opted for by the tourists and travellers. You can spend a minimum of 2 days in Neil to have some experience of it. You can lengthen your stay as per your preference, itinerary and budget.

Q: How do I plan a trip to Andaman from Ahmedabad?

Answer: Do a bit of research on Google to find out the best time of travel. Book your flight tickets. Plan your number of days of stay. Plan according to your budget. Plan your Andaman itinerary taking into consideration all your likes, preferences and expectations. Spend at one day at Port Blair. Spend two days in Neil Island. Spend two days at Havelock Island.

Q: What should I wear in Andaman holidays?

Answer: Sunglasses, hat or cap are a must for protection from the sun; Light cotton clothing, summer dresses, light shorts or pants, light cotton shirts; Bathing suits, swimming costumes, board shorts, bikinis etc.; Water-proof floaters, slippers or comfortable open shoes; Casual clothes for evening meals.

Q: What currency do they use?

Answer: Since Andamans form a part of India, Indian Rupee is used in the Andaman Islands as the mode of currency. You can get your money exchanged at the airport, from the banks or currency dealers in case you are not carrying Indian currency.

Q: How do I go to Andamans from Ahmedabad?

Answer: You can take a flight from Ahmedabad to Andamans. All major airlines service providers operate flight such as SpiceJet, Air India, Vistara, IndiGo and GoAir.

Q: What is cheapest way to reach Andaman from Ahmedabad?

Answer: SpiceJet offers the cheapest fare for travelling to Port Blair of Andaman from Ahmedabad.