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Two things make vacation plans exciting: The beauty and charm of the destination and the history and cultural heritage associated with it. Plan a getaway from Pune this year to the mystical and magical islands of Andaman and Nicobar. The sight of the blue seas and the myriad shades of the water gently meeting the white sandy beaches can make any vacationer’s dream come true.

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While you get enchanted by the sight the liquid blue seas and the sparkling beaches, you can also delve deep into the fascinating stories hidden behind the remains of the British architecture and the intriguing mystery of the aboriginal tribes inhabiting a few of the 572 islands in the group. Make your trip an informative one by digging deep into the roots of the famous monuments like Cellular Jail and learning about the notorious ‘Kaala Pani era’ of the island history. Explore the hidden treasures of the innumerable solitary beaches and find out the reason why it is known worldwide for its legendary beauty and variety of landscape.

Add to the enriching experience through a sojourn to the impressive museums exhibiting the underwater fascinating life forms and get detailed information about each. Get familiar with the wide variety of bright and beautiful corals. Learn about the rich and happening history of the places and mystery of the mythically secretive and ferocious tribe such as Sentinelese, Jarawas, Onges and Nicobarese.

Grab the best offer among the many enticing holiday packages where you can admire at leisure the intriguing islands of Neil Island, Ross Island, Havelock Island, Baratang Island, Diglipur and spend some quality time with your loved ones at an exotic location. The nature’s marvels and the innumerable famed beaches await your presence. Revel in the beauty of the glorious sunsets and sunrises and treasure the secluded moments on the sea shores of the pristine beaches.

Take a leisurely stroll in the dusk or at the dawn watching the sun starting the day of peace and solitude or ending the day to a calm and peaceful night. A romantic candle-light dinner on the idyllic waterfronts or on the sleepy boats floating across the slumberous seas, a soothing spa or some sauna therapies will add to your joy and comfort of the Andaman stay.

This mesmerising island destination offers you complete relaxation and allures you to indulge in the thrilling water activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, angling, jet skiing, sea-walking, boat riding and parasailing. The delicious sea-food snacking at the innumerable beach shacks contrasted with the ample options of fine dining experience in posh and luxury hotels, we shall provide you a complete package of a joyful vacation to carry home plenty of delectable memories.

The scenic beauty of Rangat, Mount Harriet, Havelock and Ross and Smith Islands is perfect for nature lovers. The rich mix of flora and fauna is a thrill for them. The islands located in this archipelago have innumerable picturesque beaches such as Cuthbert Bay Beach is Middle Andaman Islands, which is also very famous for being the breeding ground for fascinating turtles. Turtle hatching is common in some of these islands and you can watch closely all the marine conservation efforts by the government to save and protect some of the rare and fascinating species breathing on these islands.

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