Bharatpur Beach

A lazy afternoon spent in the warm sands beside the light blue waters of Bharatpur Beach is a dream come true experience for every traveller in love with nature, especially with seas. Bharatpur Beach is one among the four prominent beaches of Neil Island. The moment one lands on the Neil Island jetty, one gets to have a peep at the Bharatpur Beach. Some 500 metres away from the Neil Island jetty, you get to see the beautiful boats lined up on the transparent blue sea waters on the right hand side.

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This beach is worth visiting in the early hours of the morning. The beach exhibits beautiful coral reefs and provides an excellent opportunity to experience the legendary beauty of Andaman coral reefs. Bharatpur Beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches of Andamans. It has a very good connectivity with Port Blair. Cruises and private boats operate at regular intervals from Port Blair to reach Neil Island Jetty.

Enjoy the cool breeze, the gentle seas, the peace and the solitude in the white sands of the beach. Enjoy the beach flavour with a book on a hammock. Choose a shady tree that lines the beach sheltering from the direct rays of the sun. Get a cool drink, sip a green coconut. Snorkelling can be extremely adventurous where you get a peep at the underwater creatures through your magnified glasses. Also the legendary glass bottom boats are ever ready to carry you to the joyful underwater journey through beautiful corals and other amazing deep sea animals. The clams and the sea anemones, the crabs and the lobsters, the angry looking Puffer Fish to the cute little Clown Fish, each one is as enigmatic as the vegetation around. Bharatpur Beach is one of the primary tourist attractions of Neil Island. It sees a lot of crowd all through the year. The white sands and the green margins make for an ideal sea viewing beach. The coral reefs are attractive areas for swimming.

It is picture-perfect beach and is popular among all tourists. It can also be ascribed as the best beach of Neil Island. It is beach where you can enjoy with your family. While you can amply laze around, the children can keep themselves very busy in the blue waters. The beach is a sort of a lagoon and has very gentle waves that kiss the shoreline. Shallow and remarkably clear waters extend till about 500 metres making this area idea for swimming.

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