Useful Andaman Trip Travel Tips

Have a safe travel experience in the Andaman Seas

The most powerful attractions of Andaman tourism are the eternal and lavish beach beauty and the activities and water sports that are conducted in and around them. No Andaman visit is complete without trying the various water adventures or at least a refreshing swim in the cool blue waters. Where there is water body, the danger of getting drowned due to various reasons will always exist. So there are some very basic cautions/rules that need to be followed while on Andaman trip.

  • Always remember that an apparently innocuously looking placid ocean surface might have potential danger lurking beneath. Make sure you avoid the areas where signs to avoid the beach are put on.
  • It is always safe to dive or swim where life guards are appointed and present and where already a crowd is visible.
  • Avoid swimming out into the ocean depths. It is wise to stick to close to the shores.
  • Avoid swimming out into the open seas at night especially in secluded beaches.
  • Also avoid swimming immediately after heavy meals and in inebriated/drunken state.
  • Remembering the stray incident of an American tourist attacked by saltwater crocodile in the Havelock Island surroundings at Neils Cove near Beach 7, you need to be vigilant and alert while on a swimming spree in unchartered waters. There are quite a few amazingly beautiful beaches in and around the gamut of islands that are tempting enough to have a dash at the liquid blue waters. Some caution and vigilance is mandatory. And it is wise to avoid and abide by the “beware of crocodiles” signs and hoardings at various places; even though no recent sighting of crocodile has been there in these areas.
  • While planning a trek through dense tropical forests always get accompanied and guided by local guides. Wear suitable clothes and shoes according to the vegetation, density and soil conditions of the trekking terrain. Water bottles, map, communication device, flash light, basic first aid are some other requisites.
  • While venturing into the water sports and water activities, even while in cruise or speed boat rides always wear life jackets in case you do not know swimming.
  • For those who would want to try scuba diving, snorkelling, sea walking or any other adventure sports always opt for professional and certified instructors who have certification from international professional organizations.
  • Before planning a trip/visit to any of the off-beat islands or locations, make sure you obtain the require permits, if applicable. The local agents or your travel partner will definitely guide you.
  • Permits are needed for foreign nationals from the immigration authorities immediately after landing at Port Blair or reaching the harbour.
  • Before photo shooting or video recording do take care to check if it is allowed.
  • Stay away from the strictly prohibited areas. Andaman being the home of many aboriginals, some portions of several islands are fiercely protected from intrusions. Avoid dire consequences by avoiding these localities.
  • If you are dying to bask under the sun digging into the powdery white beaches with the molten blue waters, beware of sand-fly bites that might prove irksome. Better to carry some lotion or ointment in case you are bitten by one. Scratching might prove increasingly aggravating.

Some tips to make your Andaman visit extra-special without any unpleasant surprises

  • If you are an adventure lover, choose the off-beat locations such Long Island Barren Island, Viper Island and Cinque Island Instead of the very obvious and crowded/popular choices such as Port Blair, Havelock Island, Neil Island, Baratang and Diglipur.
  • Plan ahead. Marriage and honeymoon are not sudden affairs so there is ample scope of planning ahead.
  • Research on the destinations you have chosen. Nowadays enough information is available about each and every tourist attraction.

Tips for availing ferry services.

  • Makruzz does not allow open viewing from Deck. So if you are cruising at day time from Port Blair to Havelock, you might choose Makruzz/Coastal Cruise.
  • Green Ocean liner offers spectacular view from open deck and a chance to get rejuvenated by the fresh sea, salty air. You can choose Green Ocean while coming back from Havelock to Port Blair and watch the magnificent setting sun colouring the waters a fiery red as the day ends.
  • Open-deck experience is recommended. It offers you the thrill of watching the occasional flying fishes skimming across the sea surface. You stand in awe gazing at the miniature winged fishes that zoom up into the air only to vanish in the waves.
  • Green Ocean also arranges music, dance and DJ in the middle deck along with a snacking counter. Snacks, tea, coffee, biscuits, cold drinks etc. are available at the counter.
  • If you are lucky you can run into a school of playful dolphins merrily cruising along your ferry and peeping out of the waters.
  • Cruise services might be affected in the months of May, June, July and August due to the rainy season and choppy waters and might not run at all for days or months depending on the water.