Jolly Buoy Island

Snorkelling is the main attraction of Jolly Buoy Island. People who have experienced spell it as more beautiful than the Elephant Beach of Havelock. Snorkelling is Jolly Buoy should be included in the must list for every curious traveller.

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To reach Jolly Buoy Island, you first have to reach Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park at Wandoor, which is around 30 km away from Port Blair. There are not many ferries that traverse between Jolly Buoy and Wandoor. The tourists need to reach Wandoor jetty by 9 a.m.  The peak tourist season sees a lot of travellers and there is rush. So tickets need to be booked in advanced in the months of December and January. The tickets costs around INR 650 per head and includes a short trip of coral viewing in glass bottom boats and even includes a short snorkelling expedition.

  • Snorkelling is Jolly Buoy is must for adventure and thrill seekers. Snorkelling gives you the wondrous feel of watching the lively and beautiful sea creatures close at hand. The corals unfold a wonderland of beauty and mystery under the world. But you should never touch them. Coral take centuries to get built and is a precious and most beautiful nature’s creation. Sea creatures are of course God’s gift to nature and human kind. It is our duty to preserve and protect them. We should abide by the rules and regulations and respect nature’s creation.
  • In case you have opted for snorkelling, it is better not to waste extra bucks on glass bottom boat ride.

  • It is wise to carry eatables in the trip. There are very few options available

  • Plastic bags are banned in Jolly Buoy Island. Jute bags can be rented at Re 1/- by depositing INR 100 per bag as security.

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