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The various options to choose from the Andaman tour packages from Mumbai

Choose from the list of the most popular destinations of Andamans to create an ideal package of your own.

Package/stay/local tours in the Andamans can typically be listed as follows:

  • Portblair – 2 nights
  • Havelock – 2 nights
  • Neil Island – 2 nights
  • Red Skin Island
  • Jolly Buoy Island
  • Mount Harriet
  • Baratang
  • Diglipur
  • Ross and Smith Islands
  • Cinque Islands

General Information on Andaman tour packages from Mumbai

Andaman has popularly been referred to as the ‘Riviera of the East’ and rightly so. This fairy tale destination figures in almost every travel dreamer’s heart and mind. Andamans is a beautiful and balanced mix of both, exquisite natural scenic beauty and marvels of nature. There are places where human hands have added shades of beauty and variety to the already charming lands of yore. Andaman package tours from Mumbai will unfurl the difference in the beauty of the beaches found in both Mumbai and Andamans.

The beaches of both the destinations are alluring but for different reasons. The Mumbai beaches are extremely commercialised, with buzzing activities, glittering Bollywood glamour and charm, a sea full of human intervention rather than nature’s inclusion. The glitz and glamour of Mumbai beaches do not stand a chance against the serenity and solitude of Andaman beaches. In Mumbai beaches, you would find crunchy street food stalls, thousands of people fluttering all the while looking for a secluded corner, which is almost impossible to find. Thus people booking Andaman package tours from Mumbai will be in the mode of soul searching and running away far from the maddening crowd. They would be looking for some pure natural beauty and unspoilt by the human hands.

Andaman would stand beyond every Mumbai heart’s expectation. The buzzing night life and the jazzy crowd would be missing. The sea of human would be replaced by the blue seas of sparkling and glistening waters and spritely marine life. The interactions would be more with nature than with people and crowd, shops and malls, stalls and traffic.

Things to do in Andaman

Types of Andaman tour packages from Mumbai

There would be a variety of packages that can be planned from Mumbai like for any other big city such as Kolkata or Delhi.

  • It can be 5days/4 nights package covering Port Blair and Havelock
  • It can also be a 6days/7 nights package also including Neil Island with Port Blair and Havelock
  • The package can be extended to include places such as Baratang, Diglipur and Little Andamans
  • If budget and leave from offices or schools and colleges etc. permits the package can be still more stretched covering places like Long Island, Ross Island, Jolly Buoy Island, Viper Island, Hopetown and Mount Harriet. Many of the amazing 96 Wildlife Sanctuaries that dots the islands can be covered. The varied flora and fauna of the 9 National Parks and the single Biosphere Reserve located in the hearts of the islands can be enjoyed.
  • All the activities that are unique to the shores gifted with the unique and splendid coral reefs can also be enjoyed and cherished with a long or extended Andaman tour package from Mumbai

Places to Visit in Andamans

If you are looking to book Andaman tour package from Mumbai, then feel free to get in touch with our Andaman travel expert by filling our enquiry form and we assure you that we will deliver extraordinary services at attractive cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a package to Andaman from Mumbai that suits my budget?

Answer: We have varied kinds of packages of varying length of days to suit all kinds of budgets. Accordingly, choose your length of package, the standard of hotel and also the kind of transfers from one island to another. There are low budget options, moderate budget options, 3-star facilities and 5-star facilities.

Q: When to go for Andaman tour package from Mumbai?

Answer: Andaman can be visited all through the year. The best time to visit Andaman Islands is during the months starting from October to May. The summer months give you plenty of opportunity to enjoy the attractive water sports for which Andaman is so famous for. Summers are mild on account of the influence of the sea. During the monsoon months, however, all your plans might get upset due to heavy rainfall and you might not even be able to venture out into the seas. Winter months are also very suitable for visiting Andamans as the winters are again mild due to the influence of the sea.

Q: How many days are sufficient for Andaman visit from Mumbai?

Answer: Andaman itinerary should be planned by keeping at least 10 days in order to cover the Andaman Islands and to experience all the different activities. Mostly people spend 5 to 6 nights in the Andaman Islands, where one can cover the primary islands of South Andaman such as Port Blair, Ross Island, North Bay, Neil Island and Havelock. These are most visited and popular islands of Andaman package.

Q: How much does it cost for a trip to from Mumbai to Andaman cost?

Answer: The package price or rate can vary tremendously depending on your itinerary and on an average a package of four or five nights and might range from INR 10000 to 50000 and above per person based on the things you will plan to do in Andaman Islands.

Q: Is Andaman good for visiting in May from Mumbai?

Answer: May month being a summer month is good for visiting Andamans. Though the sun might be a bit too warm to spend long hours on beach under the sun. But the water sports would be a delight to indulge in during the month of May.

Q: How can I reach Andaman from Mumbai?

Answer: Mumbai and Andaman are not connected by road or rail because Andaman has seas on all sides. To Reach Port Blair which is the capital of Andaman Capital Port Blair you have go by air or water. There are direct flights available from Mumbai to Port Blair via Kolkata or Chennai.

Q: How much time does it take to reach Andamans from Mumbai?

Answer: By air or flight, it takes a minimum of 4 hours 40 minutes to around 7 hours and more if it is via some other Indian city.