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Places to visit andaman

The forever beautiful Andaman Beaches & Island

The beautiful and serene Andaman Beaches beckon thousands of nature lovers and vacationers, travellers and tourists every year from all across the world. We have identified the top ten most wondrous beaches for you.

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  • Radhanagar Beach is situated on the western coast of Havelock Island. It is indeed a very beautiful and splendidly picturesque beach. It occupies the best beach of India status and is the 7th most beautiful beach internationally as rated by the Times Magazine. The white sands sparkle under the bright sunshine. The blue waters glisten and change its shade with the sun’s movement across the sky. Tourists enjoy fun activities such as snorkelling, fishing, swimming and scuba diving in its clear waters.

  • Laxmanpur Beach is especially known for its unforgettable sunset. A peaceful walk along the beach where you catch the deep orange sun dipping in the waters leaves you mesmerized. The joy of viewing nature’s amazing beauty increases with the assorted delicacies available in the beach shacks.

  • Vijayanagar Beach is supposedly one of the best beaches in Andaman. The water is shallow and perfect for activities such as swimming and surfing. The Mahua trees blend with the picturesque backdrop and the serene seas to create magic in the air. It is exceptionally beautiful and is a nature lover’s paradise.

  • Elephant Beach is another of the most famous beaches of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The quiet beach gets lively by the hordes of excited tourists pouring in daily to enjoy its beauty. The rich marine biodiversity along with the exotic coral reefs make Elephant Beach a pleasant surprise. Jet skiing, Russian cruiser Dolphin ride, banana boat ride, tube ride, glass-bottom boat ride, snorkelling, scuba diving all come under the beach attractions. 2004 Tsunami had hit the beach hard. The huge fallen tree trunks along the coastline adding to the present beauty are actually the remnants of the stormy past.

  • Kalapathar Beach is situated in a secluded corner of Havelock Island. The silvery white sand and aqua blue waters spread a magic that is hard to defy. This beach has derived its name from the black rocks that dot the coastline half submerged or buried under the sands. You would definitely love to spread yourself out in a sandy corner and bask in the sun, just chill out with a bottle of beer or even sunbathe on cosy hammocks.

  • Bharatpur Beach of Neil Island is a perfect panorama of mindless beauty and sea line adorned with heaps of beautiful sea shells. Visitors get enthralled by the variety of marine life that the beach waters exhibits. A refreshing swim and a glass-bottom boat ride make the beach experience complete.

  • The Butler bay Beach of Little Andaman is a perfect mix of sea and sand at their best. The lovely waterfalls, the quaint boat rides along the solitary creeks, the adventurous elephant safaris and the thrilling surfing in the blue seas make this beach unique and attractive.

  • Lalaji Bay Beach of Long Island is another serene and peaceful tourist lover’s delight. The mangrove creeks and tropical vegetation make the surroundings very picturesque.

  • Baludera Beach in Baratang is another beach that is absolutely unspoilt and rich in mangrove vegetation. The warm and clean waters make this beach and swimmer’s delight.

  • The lesser known Merk Bay also lies beautiful and unspoilt and sees very few tourists. This beach would be an absolute favourite of tourists running away from the madding crowd. The marvellous sunset and the amazing views that this beach commands to the areas around it makes it worth visiting.

Other major tourist attractions of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Cinque Islands

The Cinque Islands are a pair of islands with brilliantly white sandy beaches and alluring coral reefs. The uninhabited and deserted beaches form a special attraction to the tourists in search of off-beat places. The North Cinque Island and South Cinque Island are connected by a sandy bar and both the islands are actually a part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. This park is also popularly known as Wandoor Marine National Park.


Diglipur is situated approximately 325 kilometres from Port Blair and takes around 12 hours to reach. Diglipur is alluring and enigmatic with its orange and rice cultivation and a diverse marine life. Diglipur is also unique in the sense that Kalpong, the only river in the Andamans, flows through it. It is also the home of the solitary hydroelectric project in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Travellers have a restful stay here as they enjoy the tranquillity of quiet of village life.

Baratang Island

Baratang Island is situated approximately 100 kilometres from Port Blair between South and Middle Andamans. It is famous from for its beautiful beaches. The lush green mangrove creeks, mud volcanoes and limestone caves form the other major attractions of this island among the tourists from far-off lands.

Long Island

Long Island is the home to a modern village in the midst of wild and beautiful nature. Long Island surprisingly has a power house supplying electricity and a robust boat building yard. It even boasts of high schools, wireless facilities, office of the forest ranger, bank and also a police station. But the irony of juxtaposition is that in spite of exhibiting all modern facilities, Long Island does not have any road network. Long Island sports the beautiful Lalaji Bay Beach and also has the Merk bay Beach alongside in the North passage Island. The footpaths are pleasantly shaded by the casurina trees. The sunset view while cruising through the Yerrata Creek among the dense tropical vegetation and mangrove ecosystem creates magic memories.


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