Have you recently got married? If yes, then you might be searching for an exciting destination to have a honeymoon. Fortunately, your search ends here with Diglipur town of Andaman. Andaman and Nicobar is a union territory of India having more than 800 islands. Recently, Andaman and Nicobar have become the first preference for honeymooners. This is because it offers a romantic and thrilling experience simultaneously, which makes the honeymoon trip an unforgettable moment.

Although Andaman and Nicobar have plenty of interesting islands, Diglipur Island is the best among them. This beautiful island is located in the northern part of Andaman. The distance of Diglipur from Port Blair is around 320 Km. Diglipur is the biggest town in north Andaman, but it always remains unnoticed due to the large distance from famous tourist places like Port Blair and Havelock.

You may be surprised to know that Diglipur Island Andaman has a geographical area of around 1400 square Km, which is huge. However, Diglipur is among the most adventurous and different places in Andaman and Nicobar that every honeymoon couple should visit once during their trip to Andaman.

Diglipur is filled with plenty of natural parks and lively marine life, which allows you to spend your holidays actively. Also, in this town of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you will get a chance to experience flora and fauna, which will take your trip experience to another level.
One can make their trip a memorable moment by indulging themselves in a number of activities such as: climbing the highest peak of the Bay of Bengal, experiencing turtles on beaches, observing mud volcanoes, and exploring the twin islands of Smith and Rose.

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Things honeymooners should know about Diglipur

diglipur in december

No crowd

Are you searching for a place to spend quality time with your loved one? If yes, then Diglipur is the best option available. This is because this is an offbeat destination and very few tourists know about this destination. Therefore, like other islands of Andaman, you will not find this place filled with crowds.

Next-level adventure

Diglipur has plenty of adventurous places to visit, which makes it the perfect option for adventure seekers. Turtle nesting and climbing saddle peaks are the key reasons for visiting Diglipur Island Andaman. But remember, it has a high traveling time of 12 hours via road and 8-10 hours via ferry from Port Blair.

Few accommodations and places to visit

Although Diglipur is the largest town in the north part of Andaman and Nicobar Island, it only has a few places of interest for tourists. You will only find adventure at Kalipur. It is a nearby place where the majority of people stay. Also, it does not offer a wider range of luxury accommodations. The major resorts you will find at Diglipur are Turtle Nest Resort and Pristine Resort.

Available Transport facilities to reach Diglipur

Exploration Time in andaman

Unfortunately, the distance of Diglipur is almost 320 Km from Port Blair via road and around 180 Km via sea. This is the biggest reason why this location is very underrated. However, we suggest you at least visit this place once during your trip. A person should at least spend 2 days in Diglipur to explore its adventure and beauty.

Have you decided to visit Diglipur? If yes, then you must search for different transport facilities to reach Diglipur. Here are the most commonly used transportation facilities that you can use to reach the adventurous places of Diglipur.

Remember, all these transportation options start from Port Blair. Therefore, make sure to first reach Port Blair to continue your journey towards Diglipur.


Are you willing to reach Diglipur in north Andaman fast? If yes, then you must go for seaways. One will find a number of private and government ships from Port Blair, which will transfer out to Diglipur within 10 hours. People often consider the government ship services because they are often more reliable and cheaper. But unfortunately, government ship services are only available 3-4 times a week. Therefore, make sure to check the shipping schedule before planning a trip.

The best part about seaways is that one can even book convenient overnight sails, which makes traveling effortless. Tickets or the government ship can only be booked at the administration block or the Phoenix Bay office.


The majority of people prefer airways over other transportation facilities because they not only reduce traveling time but also provide an unmatchable service and comfort. According to the Andaman tourist website, one can travel from Port Blair to Diglipur via airplanes and seaplanes. But this is not true. One cannot reach Diglipur via seaplane because they are no longer functioning.
Although helicopter facilities are available, they are only made for medical emergencies. It remains full all the time. However, a tourist can book an extra seat available for around INR 5000 Per person. But they are very rare to find, therefore it would be better to not consider the airways for traveling to Diglipur.


One can easily reach Diglipur via roadways by crossing the Jarawa tribe area and creeks on the way. But this is not the much preferable option because the journey may become exhausting as it takes up to 12 hours to reach Diglipur from Port Blair. However, if you have decided to travel by road, then there are plenty of options available that you should know about.

Government buses

The government of Andaman and Nicobar offers bus services from Port Blair to Diglipur at different times. One can select the timing according to their convenience and comfort. However, the preferred time that the majority of tourists choose is 4:30 AM. Government buses are a bit fast and take up to 10 hours to reach Diglipur from Port Blair.

Remember, the government bus will only transfer you to the bus stand of Diglipur via Andaman Grand Trunk Road, you need to hire public transport from the bus stand to go sightseeing and reach your accommodation.

Unfortunately, these buses do not offer Air-conditioning, which is the biggest reason why tourists do not prefer the government buses. You need not book the bus tickets in advance as you can easily get them from Government Bus Depot, Blair.

Compared to any other transport facility, government buses are way cheaper, which contributes significantly to the huge demand among locals of Andaman. The majority of Locals in Andaman use Government buses to reach Diglipur. It is not wrong, if we say that these buses serve as a lifeline that helps the local public of Diglipur to stay connected with the capital city, Port Blair.

Private buses

Similar to the government buses, the private sector also runs their buses. Private buses also depart from the bus stand of Port Blair at different times. There is no need to book the tickets in advance because one can easily get the tickets from Bus Sand. The ticket price of private buses varies depending on the bus you choose.

The private bus sector is known for its services and facilities that you can’t expect from government buses. In the private sector, both buses with or without air-conditioners are available. This makes these buses the first preference of every middle-class tourist. However, if you have a low budget, then you can go for the non-AC buses because their price is way cheaper than AC buses.

Remember, the non-AC buses of the private sector are cheaper compared to the AC buses but are more expensive than government buses. This is because private busses come with plenty of facilities such as:

⮚ Comfortable seats
⮚ Arrangements
⮚ Convenient booking

Make sure that you book the ticket from the ticket counter before sitting on the bus. One can book the tickets for both sides from the ticket counter of the Port Blair bus stand. However, if you have reached Diglipur via private bus and forgot to take the return ticket, then you can also take the tickets from Diglipur Bus terminus.

Cab Services

Private cab services are the best option for tourists. If you have enough money to spend on transportation, hiring a private vehicle from Port Blair is the most sorted way to reach Diglipur Island Andaman via road. The biggest benefit of a private cab service is that you do not need to find any transport service for sightseeing which can be accessed by road. Also, the cab will transfer you to your accommodation directly, which is not possible with government and private bus services.

It also reduces the traveling time significantly because there are no pit stops on the way to Diglipur. One can take the rest anywhere on the way by stopping the car at any resort. You can take the refreshments anytime and can complete the journey without any adjustment.
As it is a private hired vehicle, it will remain with you till the end.

Private cabs are the highest suggested transportation facility that every tourist should choose. This is because, with this mode of transport, you need not worry about how you will reach the sights and accommodation. You can enjoy your trip to the fullest by putting all such responsibilities on the cab driver.

If you are in Andaman for a fixed number of days or have already a fixed schedule, then private cap services will be the best option for you. As travelers have to schedule everything in advance, hiring a taxi is a huge relief because they can book the cab online before starting their travel, which will eliminate all their stress about transportation.

The cab will reach your accommodation point on time to pick you up and will drop you back after the trip is over. You can ask the driver to go anywhere in Diglipur, where the roadways are possible. Remember, the cost of a cab is calculated based on km, therefore, the more you will travel, the higher the amount you need to pay.

What makes Diglipur worth going?

Diglipur in may

When we talk about Andaman and Nicobar Island, people make an image in their mind of a place filled with sea and sand. But this ultimate union territory is not only about sea and sand. In towns like Diglipur, there are multiple things to experience which proves that there is much more to explore other than islands.

Diglipur is a town located in the north of Andaman and Nicobar Island is an excellent outdoor adventurous place, specially designed for adventure seekers and nature lovers. It is a home to Pretty hikes, scenic views, and treks. Here are some most common things that make Diglipur worth visiting.

Ross and Smith Island

Smith and Ross Islands

Ross and Smith are the lifelines of Diglipur Island Andaman. These are the two islands that are connected with each other by a 50-metre-long sand bar. This silky sand bar is only visible during low tide because, at times of high tides, they descend inside the sea. During low tide, one can actually reach the other island by walking on this white sand bar.

These islands are popular for their virgin beaches which are one of the most perfect pictures one can see. The warm water of the sea is crystal clear, which takes the experience to another level. Seldom is the best part of the beach, which is often crowded with tourists. One can visit Ross Island by crossing the sand bar. There are not many ventures at Ross Islands as it is covered with thick forests.

Experience turtle nesting

Turtle Nesting, Havelock Island

Do you want to experience turtle nesting? If yes, then you must plan a trip to Andaman between December and April. This is the time when you will be able to spot the Turtle nesting. Kalipur, the nearest beach to Diglipur, is among the rarest beaches in the world, where you can find turtles nesting their eggs. On this beach, you will find 4 major species of turtle nesting eggs such as:

  • Leather Black
  • Olive Ridley
  • Green Turtles
  • Hawksbill

It is very rare to find all these species of turtle in one place. This is why the government of Andaman has built a hatchery. If you’re lucky enough, then you may get a chance to witness all these turtles laying their eggs late at night. At Kalipur beach one can indulge themselves in activities like swimming and snorkelling. But unfortunately, due to the sand flies, sunbathing is not advisable at this beach.

Enjoy the scene of Active mud Volcanoes

Enigmatic Mud Volcanoes

Mud volcanoes are the biggest attraction to Diglipur. Many tourists come to Diglipur to experience these active volcanoes. These volcanoes are natural wonders that are hidden in the middle of thick and dense forests. Unlike other natural wonders, these volcanoes are not so beautiful. Instead, they are very ugly.

Mud volcanoes in Diglipur are similar to the ones in Baratang. All these volcanoes are created naturally by gasses emitted. Organic matter under the ground gets decayed which pushes the mud upward slowly.

Diglipur is the best place to explore the mud volcanoes. It created a super-serene because many people are not aware of this place, therefore there is always a lack of tourists. A short walking trip via the jungle makes the trip even more attractive.

Diglipur is the best place for those seeking a destination full of thrill and adventure. Unlike all other parts of Andaman and Nicobar, this town is not only filled with sand and sea. At Diglipur Island Andaman you will find plenty of tourist places, here you can indulge yourself in multiple activities, which will make this trip a memorable moment of your life. As discussed above, there are multiple transportation options to choose from. We suggest you only have private cabs if you afford the transportation expense.


Is it worth visiting Diglipur Island?

Diglipur Island is an excellent choice for nature lovers. Here one can experience a number of natural wonders such as mud volcanoes and turtle nesting, which will take your experience to another level.

Is Andaman cheap to live in?

Well, the answer to this question is a bit tricky. The amount you need to live in Andaman depends on your lifestyle and needs. However, the basic budget for living in Andaman is between INR 15,000 to INR 20,000.

What is the population and area of Diglipur?

The total area of Diglipur is around 1400 square km , which is huge. This largest town of North Andaman has a population of around 45,000.