Dolphins are fascinating creatures that capture the imagination of the tourists visiting Andaman. Their intelligence and sociable nature of this animal species makes it a popular subject for observation in their natural habitats as well as for scientific research. People love watching dolphins as these marine mammals are deeply ingrained in human culture. They are known for their playfulness and the wonderful acrobatic skills that they demonstrate in the water are a treat to eyes. They often ride waves, leap out of the water and engage in synchronized swimming, showcasing captivating displays.

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Dolphins are known to be highly intelligent animals with complex social structures and are believed to have problem-solving abilities. Dolphins are social creatures that often live in pods. Their interactions within these groups, including communication and cooperation, provide insight into their social dynamics. Dolphins are noted for their curious nature and playful interactions with boats, ships and swimmers. They sometimes approach vessels, ride alongside and engage in playful interaction with humans.

In case you are aware of their sophisticated system of clicks, whistles and body movements for communication, you might want to observe these vocalizations and the coordination among pod members and feel thrilled. People in general feel a sense of emotional connection with dolphins. Their expressive faces and seemingly joyful nature and playful behaviour evoke positive emotions and these gentle creatures successfully create a deep bond instantly with observers.

Dolphin watching is a popular and exciting activity in the Andaman Islands. The region is home to various species of dolphins, and witnessing them in their natural habitat is a delightful experience.

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Popular Dolphin Watching Sites in Andaman

Dolphin Andaman

Dolphin watching tours are offered in different parts of the Andaman Islands. Havelock Island, Neil Island and North Bay Island ranks among the foremost spots favourable for dolphin watching in Andaman. This activity is gaining in popularity as more and more people are keen on meeting this jovial and cute animal species of the seas and oceans.

  • Lalaji Bay: This is a very popular place for spotting these friendliest marine creatures on earth. These dolphins in the Andaman seas offer some beautiful moments to be captured with your lens. During the daytime, pods of dolphins swim across this part of the ocean as the waters are warm here.
  • Havelock Island: The blue calm waters around Havelock Island or Swaraj Dweep is a popular site for dolphin watching. The beaches such as Elephant Beach and Radhanagar Beach are prime locations for dolphin sightings. The dolphin glass-bottom boat tours accompanied by experienced guides who are familiar with the dolphin habits and habitats are available for the adventure.
  • Neil Island: Neil Island, or Shaheed Dweep is another fantastic spot for dolphin watching. The waters have clear visibility which makes the surroundings of this serene island ideal for playful dolphin pods. A glass-bottom boat tour here promises a memorable encounter with these stunning creatures.
  • North Bay Island: This small island is located close to Port Blair and has a rich collection of incredible marine species, which makes it an ideal place for dolphin watching. Along with merry dolphins, you can also explore the colourful coral reefs and vibrant fish and other creatures that inhabit the area.
  • Cinque Island: This island is located a bit away from the main islands. Cinque Island is famed for its pristine beauty and incredible marine biodiversity. Dolphin sightings are common here but eventually luck factors will play a role, and then you are likely to be entertained to a show of marine acrobatics by these intelligent creatures.
  • Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park: This is a bustling tourist spot that offers a lot of adventure and fun to tourists. It is situated near Wandoor Beach in Port Blair. This marine park is home to diverse coral formations, including playful dolphins. A dolphin glass bottom boat ride in these parts of Andaman Sea will enable you to explore the park’s underwater wonders and spot dolphins in their natural habitat.

Best Time for Dolphin Watching in Andaman

The best time of the day for dolphin watching in Andaman is generally during the morning or late afternoon when the sea remains calm and dolphins are more active and chances of sighting are more.

Species of dolphins to be seen in this parts

Dolphin in Andaman

The waters around the Andaman Islands are home to various species of dolphins, and dolphin watching is a popular activity for visitors. Spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, spotted dolphins and Risso’s dolphins are among some of the common dolphin species that can be spotted around the Andaman Islands.

  1. Spinner Dolphins, scientifically known as Stenella longirostris: This species is known for their playful behaviour. They merrily leap out of the water and then amuse the watchers by spinning in the air. They are often found in large pods and are a true delight to watch.
  2. Bottlenose Dolphins, scientifically known as Tursiops truncates: This is one of the most well-known dolphin species. Bottlenose dolphins are marked by their distinctive bottle-shaped noses. They are known to be intelligent and are frequently sighted in and around the Andaman Islands.
  3. Common Dolphins, scientifically known as Delphinus delphis: This species of dolphins are characterized by their hourglass patterns on each side and are often sighted to be riding the bow waves of boats. They are appreciated for their speed and agility.
  4. Risso’s Dolphins, scientifically known as Grampus griseus: Risso’s dolphins are larger in size and are characterized by a rounded face and extensive scarring. They are usually found in the deeper parts of the offshore waters.
  5. Spotted Dolphins, scientifically known as Stenella attenuate: This species is recognized by their spotted patterns. Spotted dolphins are often seen riding the bow waves of boats and are also known for their acrobatic shows in mid-sea that offer a spectacular display to the watchers.

Dolphin watching tours

Local tour operators offer guided dolphin watching tours to tourists on individual or on group basis. The boats take curious visitors to areas where dolphins are most frequently seen. These tours last a few hours and provide ample time for observation of dolphins in their natural habitat.

Dolphin Watching Boat Types

The boats used for dolphin watching can range from speedboats, traditional wooden boats, to catamarans that are commonly used for dolphin watching tours. The types of boats are designed to give you maximum visibility of these beautiful fun-loving creatures and offer an overall lively experience.

Guided Dolphin Watching Tours

It is recommended that you choose guided tours led by experienced local guides who are familiar with the behaviour and habitats of dolphins. Guided tours increase your chances of successful sightings.

Responsible Dolphin Watching

Choose Dolphin watching tour operators who are known to follow responsible and ethical practices for dolphin watching. Maintaining a safe distance to avoid disturbing the animals is a primary cautionary practice. As responsible tourists you are expected to respect local guidelines and regulations. Maintaining a parallel course to their direction of travel, allowing them to move freely and minimising noise levels, along with avoiding feeding the dolphins are some guidelines you are expected to follow not to cause inconvenience to these enigmatic creatures of the sea.

Weather Conditions dependent


Successful dolphin sighting depends on weather conditions. In unfavourable conditions, the tours get cancelled as seas get rough and pose a risk to the lives of tourists. It is advisable to check weather forecasts and sea conditions before planning a tour.

Remember that dolphin sightings are subject to nature, and there’s no guarantee of seeing them during every tour. However, the waters around the Andaman Islands are rich in marine life, making it a favourable destination for dolphin enthusiasts. Always prioritize responsible tourism practices to minimize the impact on these marine creatures and their environment.

Make Your Dolphin Watch Memorable

Use binoculars and cameras with zoom and take incredible shots of the creatures in the waters. There is no need to go too close to capture them in your camera. Use binoculars or cameras with zoom lenses also to observe them close even from a distance. This allows for a closer view without causing disturbance. Avoid creating unwanted noises by shouting or talking loudly. Dolphins are quite sensitive and might get disturbed by too much noise.


Dolphin watching excursions are organized by local tour operators around the Andaman Islands. These boat trips offer the best chance to spot dolphins in their natural habitat while enjoying the serene beauty of the surrounding waters. Popular locations for dolphin watching include Havelock Island, Neil Island, Lalaji Bay and North Bay Island. Understand that the presence of dolphins in wide and open seas is a natural phenomenon, and sightings can vary based on the season and other environmental factors.