Travellers who have visited the famous and enigmatic Limestone Caves of Andaman claim that they haven’t ever seen anything so beautiful like it and you need to visit this very remote mysterious caves of Andaman to judge if they exaggerate. This fantastic collection of caves are brilliant formations of nature at its best. There are a few places on earth where you find a similar degree of natural awe. As you gaze at the brilliant caves, you simply wonder at the superior artistry of nature to have created such formations. It is simply worth taking all the hassles to reach the caves from far off the mainland. You remind yourself that these caves are millions of years old limestone formations, and you will also be somewhat thrilled when you stand in front of these ancient natural structures, which will make your Andaman trip worth every penny.

These much talked-about limestone caves in Andaman and Nicobar Islands are located on the Baratang Island. This is a remote island about 100 kilometres away even from the capital of Andaman Port Bair. Thus it remained hidden from the prying eyes of the world for centuries. Baratang Island is home to the rare, mysterious and ferocious Jarawa tribe who resent outworld intrusion of any kind. Repeated attempts to befriend them have all been futile. The Jarawas fiercely guard their territory from the outside world and do not allow any connection. They are to be respected and protected and given the needed seclusion. Thus the territory had a forbidden tag and for ages this island is a haven of raw beauty issuing out of the dense jungles, mud volcanoes, mangrove jungles and limestone caves. Very recently, the government has opened this faraway island to curious travellers and tourists.

Do Something Different in Your Andaman Trip

Don’t go by the usual, hyped and prevalent tourist itinerary when you visit this most beautiful and remote island in the middle of the ocean. Plan a wonderful vacation to the Andaman Islands and enjoy the exciting beauty of this Union Territory. When we step into this magical land, we immediately plan to explore the most glamourous islands such as Havelock Island or Swaraj Dweep and Neil Island or Shaheed Dweep or engulf ourselves in the rich history of Port Blair. If you want to try the more thrilling avenues of enjoyment, keep a day aside for Baratang Island. This island is known for its natural wonders and never ceases to awe its visitors with a rich and dense cover of mangrove creeks leading to the islands that lend the island a unique splendour. Also, the most attractive feature of this island is its limestone caves, which are one-of-a-kind nature’s marvel. The caves showcase the rare and beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites that are a treat to the eyes. The fairy-tale beauty of these Baratang Limestone caves is absolutely picture perfect.

The caves offer a unique combination of adventure, thrill and beauty. The uniqueness charms the outsiders, and the place is an ideal destination for families, hitchhikers, wanderers, photographers and simple tourists and travellers. The calcium deposits have chalked out a pattern of their own to form the scintillating conical rock-like structures protruding from the floor of the caves or hanging from the roof creating a visual marvel.

How to Reach the Limestone Caves of Andaman

Explore Limestone Caves

The two significant attractions at Baratang are the Limestone Caves and Mud Volcano. From the island you can also attempt to enjoy the Parrot Island. Be that as it may, one needs to remain back for the night at Baratang to visit Parrot Island.

To reach the elusive Limestone Caves in Baratang Island, one needs to reach Port Blair as it is the entry point for the Andamans. You can avail a private cab or even travel by AC bus to reach Baratang Island from Port Blair. These are the most taken routes and are considered the best and the most convenient ways. Travelling on a shoestring budget, often involves availing a government bus from Port Blair as a cheap and comfortable option. The road route takes you by the Andaman Trunk Road (ATR) and involves one short vehicle-ferry connection. While on a land cruise enjoy the lush greenery of the deep and peaceful untouched forest lands of the Jarawa and while in the blue waters enjoy the magic moments on the sea with unspoilt beauty all around. The entire journey takes around four hours. Please note that two-wheelers are not allowed to go all the way to the island. From Port Blair, you therefore reach Jirketang and then Middle Straits by car or by bus. You cross the straits, via a water ride for a mere 10 rupees fare and reach Baratang. From here, take a speedboat ride that drops directly at the trekking point of limestone caves.

The most thrilling or adventurous part of the journey is that while crossing the forests by road, you actually cross the land of the Jarawa and can even spot a few Jarawas on the way. The Andaman Trunk Road cuts across the homeland of the indigenous Jarawa tribe. While crossing watch in wonder these primitive people maybe waiting on the sides of the road to cross to the other side. It is forbidden to interact with them or attempt any other kind of interaction like offering food or clicking pictures. You are bound by the local laws and regulations and in case you don’t defy those, it can translate to getting fined or even sentenced to prison for the felony.

The approach road to the Limestone Caves is pretty interesting. The trail is extremely picturesque and gives you the feel of the freshness of nature. The caves can be reached after a hike of ten to fifteen minutes. A guided tour is recommended. There are reliable travel and tourism operators who can make your journey a lot smoother and take care of all your needs and queries.

Intriguing facts about Limestone Caves of Andaman

Limestone Caves of Andaman

It would be fun to gather a few pieces of interesting facts about the Baratang limestone caves before you go visit them and find them as fascinating as you have imagined.

  • These limestone structures seem to be growing from top and bottom both. They collect deposits in both the directions, upwards from the floor to the ceiling of the cave and vice versa.
  • The patterns created by the calcium deposits on these rocks is bewitching.
  • The various formations found here can be segregated as speleothem, flowstones, stalactite, stalagmites and columns, with stalactites and stalagmites predominating.
  • These limestone formations cannot be called permanent as they are constantly evolving over the years millimetre by millimetre.
  • The insides of the caves are so dark that it is advisable to carry flashlights.
  • The journey is a perfect combination of road travel, ferry ride and hike.
  • Stay mesmerized by the unique flora and fauna surrounding the caves.
  • The ultimate thrill would be to encounter the dangerous Jarawa tribe members. Please remember communication with them is absolutely forbidden.

Best Time to Reach the Limestone Caves

Limestone Caves

The best time to visit the Limestones Caves of Baratang Island Andaman is during the months of November to February which is also the best time to visit Andaman Islands in general. During these months, the weather remains pleasant with lesser chances of rainfall. In such a scenario, the chances of inclement weather disrupting your plans for visiting the caves will not occur. Note that going inside the caves is not allowed after sunset and hence the whole trip needs to be completed within the daylight hours and given the wilderness of the surrounding lands and areas it is safer to return to your base before the sun sets for the day. Even if there is a bit of hiking involved, since the weather this time is pleasant and cool, the trip shall be much more enjoyable. Under the summer heat, even though the place enjoys maritime climate, the humidity and the sun might tire you out since the day trip proves to be a bit hectic for those who are not prepared for some exercise and outdoor exertion during a beach vacation.

Travel tips for Visiting Limestone Caves of Andaman

Visiting Limestone Caves

  • Baratang Island trip is time consuming. You need to start your day early to make it to the island on time. Baratang Island is deeply embedded into the raw nature and remote wilderness. The trip needs to be completed before darkness falls. It is wise to start the journey at around 3 am in the morning to be able to cover all the attractions. Chalk your itinerary carefully.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and hiking shoes. There is hiking involved across wilderness and even ferry rides, so wear covered clothes to protect your skin.
  • Ensure that you are not claustrophobic or have fear of closed spaces. In that case these caves are not for you.
  • Baratang Island is inhabited by the fearsome primitive Jarawa tribe. Ensure not to attempt any kind of communication with the natives even if by chance you encounter a stray member somewhere during your trip. Otherwise be ready for serious repercussions.
  • Baratang Island trip is a full day tour and in case your itinerary extends till after sunset and if you combine Parrot Island, then also ensure you have booked a night-stay in Baratang. A long journey back the same day back to the base at Port Blair is not feasible in that case.
  • Be prepared to stretch yourself physically for this trip.

Adventure Trip to Baratang Island, Andamans

baratang island-andaman

Exploring limestone caves calls for a superbly adventurous trip. It is also an informational and educational experience. Caving enthusiasts, researchers and nature lovers often find these formations fascinating due to their geological uniqueness and the specific ecosystems that they harbour. Before you visit the caves in the Andaman Islands, check with local authorities or tour operators for further information on accessibility, safety guidelines and any permits that might be required. These Limestone Cave visits can be combined with the mud volcano visit and a sublime water ride through Mangrove forests. The amazement and wonder that these destinations will evoke will be no less than visiting some exotic foreign land. Check out the hidden jewels of India and fall in love with the country. Have a dramatic and one-of-a-kind vacation into the wilderness and isolated mythical land.