Andaman is an exotic destination with a surreal enigma attached to it in every corner of every island with which the archipelago is constructed. Think about the crystal clear waters and fantastic scenic wonders, food that never fails to tantalize your taste buds with the lip-smacking taste, beauty that beckons the nature lover in you to get immersed and you will find Andaman meeting all vacation dreams and more. Andaman brings out the most romantic facet of your nature and is an ideal destination for a love-filled honeymoon tour package full of amazing experiences. There are an engrossing 572 islands included in the archipelago, but let us focus on the best of islands that are replete with all the essential joys of travel and vacation.

Port Blair

Port Blair is the undisputed capital of the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands and the connecting lifeline of Andaman with the outside world. Port Blair houses the only airport of the archipelago that caters to all the international and domestic flights from various corners of the world. Port Blair is the first point of contact for visitors with the overwhelming beauty of this remote group of islands far out into the seas. Port Blair has several tourist attractions such as the infamous and history-stifled Cellular Jail National Memorial, that served as a prison where many freedom fighters and civilians were tortured and imprisoned. This island is surrounded by coral reefs and has the activity filled bustling North Bay Island situated close by along with the serene Ross Island forming a tourist triangle. There is also the Viper Island, which was another island used by the British to imprison the convicts before the Cellular Jail was constructed in Port Blair. Port Blair’s Corbyn Cove Beach is very picturesque and has serene and surroundings of swaying palm trees. It also offers exciting beach activities such as parasailing, banana boat ride and water activities such as scuba diving, sea walking and snorkelling. Port Blair has something for everyone and has the surprise element that will definitely leave the travellers awestruck.

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Havelock is the most popular of Andaman islands and is most frequented by tourists flocking in from far and near. It covers an area of 113 square kilometres and is located at a distance of 39 kilometres from Port Blair. Havelock Island has exquisite, serene and beautiful beaches to make your beach vacation in Andaman absolutely picture perfect. The white sand beaches are flanked by ancient forests that sends out a merry cacophony of a myriad bird species. The intensely deep and dark rain forests add a mystic charm to the endless seas stretching before. Havelock Island is famous for the renowned Radhanagar Beach, beach activity filled Elephant Beach, Kalapathar Beach and Vijaynagar Beach. The hypnotic tranquillity is the secret to its popularity. Elephant Beach is famous for enthralling adventure activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, sea walking, glass bottom boat rides, etc.

Neil Island

Neil Island is vegetable factory of the archipelago and is referred to as the ‘Vegetable Bowl of Andaman’ because of the ample amount of vegetables grown here. Neil Island is exquisitely and immaculately beautiful and spending time here makes for quality time in close proximity to nature at its best. The epicurean beauty of this remote island far out into the Andaman Sea is legendary. People from the entire world come here for enjoying the mellowed sands, the warm sea full of colourful fishes. The azure blue of the seas blend perfectly with the clear blue skies to create an intoxicating ambience that soothes your nerves and calms your soul. The island boasts of some of the most gorgeous beaches of Andaman — Sitapur, Lakshmanpur, and Bharatpur. Each of the beaches are unique and different from each other with the views of the sun rising and setting across the horizon. The beaches also offer exciting sea activities such as snorkelling, sea walking, boat rides and scuba diving. The beaches are simply perfect for a cool leisurely walk, feeling the salty moist sea breeze fanning your relaxed soul, sunbathing and leisure swimming. Don’t forget to explore the spectacular coral reefs of Neil Island.

Ross Island

Ross Island is a tempting heavenly bowl of coconut palms, old-world ruins and a shady alcove where the peacocks tread with the elegant deer and approach you for morsels from your hands. The monkeys are seen fleeting from branch to branch as the birds chirp and squirrels squeak. The lazy vibes or doing nothing and simply enjoying the beauty of seas around, watching the lazy palms swaying to welcome the sea breeze, viewing the waves crashing against the rocks shores incessantly — all of it transport you to a peaceful haven of natural paradise. Ross Island carries a lot of historical importance as it was the British headquarters housing the remnants of the colonial structures that flourished during the British occupancy of India. The island is verdant with century old trees capturing attention as they stand strong defying the ravages of time straddled with wild vines, roots, and trunks. The vivid scenario of the British Officers’ Quarters and dilapidated Church of the British times, the Chief Commissioner’s house, the Cathedral, and Graveyard of the Britishers will fill you with visuals of the prosperous British rule in India and transport you back in time.

Baratang Island

Baratang Island is another secluded island located 100 km from Port Blair and it still retains its mystic enchantment by being filled with sheer beauty and natural wonders. The verdant green meadows and thick mangrove forests along with the incredible limestone caves and fascinating mud volcanoes lend a charm to this island that is far beyond comparison. The limestone caves of Baratang Island is a sedimentary rock formation accumulating through millions of years from natural components and elements such as seashells, marine life, corals and skeletons of aquatic animals. Explore these dark labyrinthine alcoves and feel the thrill. As you gently float past the dense mangroves and invade the nooks of the shaded forests, feel the silence of the forests and the beauty of creation.