Why should you visit Andamans in December? Don’t worry the argument can be won with a brilliant array of reasons that make Andaman absolutely alluring in December and make for a joyous and bustling tourist destination. Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an exotic group of enchanting and delightful more than 300 islands and have the status of being an Indian archipelago subtly positioned in the Bay of Bengal. This archipelago of islands have some spellbinding, serene, palm-fringed, white-sandy beaches. The added enigma rises from the mangroves and tropical rainforests. The coral reefs along the coast of Andaman and Nicobar islands is exceptionally rich in marine life such as sharks and sting rays apart from myriads of colourful fishes and very beautiful and vibrant coral reefs. The best time to visit these islands is during the winter months, especially during December and January.

The islands of Andaman are steeped in local culture and the rich past of traditions that makes this destination a must visit. The beauty of the islands can be felt by viewing the stunning ancient architecture. Also basking in the warmth of the sun along the gorgeous shoreline and the magical underwater world that can be best explored in the month of December which is also the peak tourist season to visit the Andaman islands. Christmas and New Year time is a pleasant vacation season in which people like to enjoy visiting these parts. The glimpses of festivities add to the colour of the vacation. Andaman in December helps witness the magic of Christmas eve in the islands.

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Pleasantness of weather in December

The weather in Andaman in December is very pleasant that makes it the best season to visit the Andaman for people far and near. The average temperature hovers around 22 degrees while the average maximum temperature goes up to around 30 degrees Celsius. Andaman is an ideal destination to enjoy beaches, warmth of sunshine and sea activities during December.

Options of Activities for Andaman in December

Scuba Diving:

Scuba diving is an immensely popular activity for the tourists visiting Andaman in December. The mesmeric beaches of the Havelock Island are an ideal location to enjoy this vibrant marine life and coral reef in all its glory. The diving enthusiasts would love to unravel the depths of the ocean and watch the beautiful aquatic creatures swimming all around. Night diving at various sites can be enjoyed for extra thrill.

Sea Walking:

It is a memorable experience that tourists love to indulge in. Sea Walking in Havelock Island and off the coast of North Bay Island are the two hot spots where you can safely enjoy sea walking at a maximum depth of around 7 metres. Watch in awe the exquisite fishes and other intriguing creatures all around you. Walk around in the subterranean level in a group and look around the spectacular sea life. This is one of the best ways to enjoy sea life of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Mangrove Kayaking:

Mangrove Kayaking is a cool and pleasant way to experience the quietude and serenity of the coastal jungles and soothing greenery all around the islands of Andaman. The mangroves in and around the islands of Andaman and Nicobar comprise 1/5th of India’s total mangrove cover. It is fascinating as you watch the shady alcoves made more mysterious as you steer along the meandering darkness of blue seas. The pleasant weather of December and the mild warm sunshine will add to the joy of mangrove kayaking. Go in solo boat or with your partner and gently and slowly glide past the woods. Relax and unwind.

Celebrate Christmas and New Year

The exotic isles of the Andaman and Nicobar will offer you ample opportunity to enjoy the excitement and of the on-coming festivities. The night clubs and pubs are the exclusive party zones and even the quiet islands of Port Blair and Havelock get animated with raving music and live performances. These are the most popular festivals of these remote group of islands of Andaman and couples enjoy good food and delectable choice of drinks. A few drinks at the beach shack and lazing under the warm sunrays or boat cruising form other ways to enjoy the Christmas and New Year time in December and January.

Sightseeing in Andaman in December

Sightseeing around the islands of Andaman and Nicobar is indeed very pleasant with the climate remaining very comfortable in the month of December.

Light and Sound show at Port Blair. The infamous Cellular Jail of the British era, embedded in the hearts of millions of Indians since the British rule, conducts a light and sound show that narrates the poignant story of sacrifice and struggle of the Indian freedom fighters who laid down their lives to free India from the British oppression.

Mount Harriet and Madhuban in Andaman. The Mount Harriet National Park is spread across a sprawling area of 4.62 square kilometres. It is located at a distance of 20 kilometres from the city centre of Port Blair. The trekking park leads through a picturesque beach and interesting flora and fauna. One can also enjoy a variety of birds and butterflies and even watch the elephants carrying lumber. Mount Harriet is the main attraction and the third highest peak in the Archipelago of South Andaman and attracts a lot of nature lovers and enthusiastic hikers.

Howrah Bridge in Neil Island. Neil Island is a must-visit destination while you are enjoying your holidays at Andaman and Nicobar. Neil Island is located 40 kilometres away from Port Blair and is popularly known as the vegetable bowl of Andaman. It has paddy fields that produce various agricultural commodities on a large scale. Howrah Bridge is a natural bridge-shaped rock made of two living natural corals fused just like a bridge and is an amazing tourist attraction.

Elephant Beach in Havelock. Reach the most pristine and most exclusive island of the Andaman archipelago by a ferry ride of 20 minutes. Havelock Island has the most beautiful of all the beaches such as the Radhanagar Beach and the Elephant Beach, which are very popular among tourists. While Radhanagar Beach is known for being 7th in rank among the best beaches all across the world, Elephant Beach is popular on account of the myriad and very well organised water activities. The coastline and the coral reef is truly phantasmal and hence Elephant Beach offers an unforgettable experience.