Andaman Islands top the chart among the most serene tourist destinations of the world. It resonates with a unique feel of rejuvenation, tranquillity and scenic beauty. The serene isolated islands appeal to the best of senses of the visitors filling them with the peace and tranquillity in the faraway land from the usual bustling life of the glitzy cities and modern day world. The azure skies mixing with the endless blue seas and the incessant waves crashing on the solitary beaches evoke a romantic feeling and create special moments. While you enjoy the relentless peace of the islands in the day time, you can fill your nights with the colours of the party places even so far away from the mainland. Lay down your hair and enjoy the fantastic nightlife in Andaman.

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The Pubs and Bars of Andaman

The nightlife of Andaman is not the wild and raving kind but it has the bling and the scintillating sensation that can fill your nights with heady pleasures. People might not even be aware that such a peaceful and unearthly tranquil location might have some bustling party places. But surprisingly Andaman does have its share of nightlife adventures. There are some happening clubs and hookah bars in Andaman that host fantastic parties and world-class events. These pubs and bars are generally to be found in Havelock Island and Port Blair where you can enjoy lively nightlife in the Andaman Islands. These are fun places with a different kind of experience. They live up to the expectation of the Andaman entertainment affair. There are quite a few choices for the enthusiastic party lovers to spend their evenings and nights in these remote islands.

Pink Fly – Lounge Bar, Port Blair

The Pink Fly Lounge is an absolutely perfect place to chill out if you are hunting for a decent den to party. It is a bright eating place making its position in the Andaman and Nicobar nightlife. You can think of boozing with your gang of friends in the Pink Fly Lounge Bar. It is located at Hotel Shompen and the ambience sets off the mood with dark pinkish lights. The seating area is spacious and comfortable and the resident DJ of Pink Fly, DJ ASTRO lives up or even exceeds your expectation. Choose and gulp you favourite drinks and cocktails. Enjoy tasty tandoori recipes offered as finger food. Your nightlife shall be brightened by the lip-smacking side dishes and wide variety of alcoholic drinks. Step into this extraordinary nightlife in South Andaman. Later, you can also explore the in-house rooftop restaurant, Love Garden. The trendy bar has been gradually gaining a fair amount of attention and reputation for its great service and quality crowd.

Bonova Cafe and Pub, Havelock

Bonova Cafe and Pub is the sole pub in the enchanting paradise of Havelock Island. It was established in 2017 and has expanded due to its tremendous popularity among tourists. The ambiance of Bonova pub wins hearts on account of the tastefully done interiors and the occasional DJ nights. The Valentines Night Party and Belly Dance Night with DJ Paul and Purna Shakti are among the most notable and cherished events of this pub that have drawn a lot of attention and form the main attraction of the pub. Bonova cafe possesses an cool dining area that offers its guests the most delicious fish and seafood dishes. The modern and classy look and feel of the cafe, friendly atmosphere and delectable cuisine spread make this café a favourite haunt among the tourists and travellers of Havelock Island, Andamans.

Sea Sip Bar, Port Blair

Sea Sip Bar located in Port Blair, Andaman, is an integral part of Peerless Resort set amidst the picturesque Corbyn’s Cove. Sea Sip Bar is delightful having been situated almost at the seafront. Sea Sip bar is an ideal destination for party lovers. This venue is well known for the fantastic parties and other happening events that are hosted here often and on. The area offers the ideal setup for relaxing after a long day at the beach or sightseeing or even island hopping. This is a bar with a robust restaurant setup that is well known for its nightlife. The bar presents a good range of well-stocked selection of imported and Indian alcoholic varieties. The setting is cosy and the ambient feel is one of harmony with nature and peace. The indoors can be also be enjoyed with a couple of drinks with friends. Friendly staff along with good cocktails make it a friendly and cheerful place to be in while on Andaman vacation. Sea Sip Bar or Port Blair will not disappoint you.

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Venom Bar, Havelock

Mix the heady pleasure of enjoying a drink even while soaking in the stunning sights of the pristine Andaman beaches at Venom Bar, Havelock. This is the oldest and one of the largest bar in the Havelock Island. While the cool sea breeze fans your senses, feel the soft white sand at your feet with a lovely glass of intoxication in your hands. The nightlife at Venom Bar promises endless enjoyment and enchantment. This bar is located at the Symphony Palms Beach Resort and is counted among one of the best bars in Havelock. It is known to host various events at regular intervals. The live singing has a different charm as the bar hosts different artists each month and not a repeat performance of the same singer. Enjoy the wide assortment of drinks and cocktails along with specially cooked delicious Tandoori starters. Have fun, eat, drink and enjoy music and discover the real goodness of Andaman nightlife. Venom Bar is also known for hosting trance parties throughout the year and through all the days of the month of December.

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Amaya, Port Blair

Amaya Bar located in Port Blair is the cool rooftop bar and also the restaurant of the Seashell Hotel in Port Blair. This place is noted for its remarkable sizzlers and an unmatched sea view. The peace and quietude of the pleasant nightlife in Port Blair city can be enjoyed here at Amaya. The location is blessed with a splendid view which combines with an excellent spread of food and enjoyable drinks. Amaya is known to offer excellent seafood and great drinks and is quite popular among the tourists and travellers in Andaman for vacation. The bar is a bit on the expensive side. It has a tasteful decor and the interior is dimly lit to set the mood. Derive pleasure with the endless sea view on one side and the glowing city lights on the other. The live music will bring out the warm glow of romance and this is a place to be grooving with your partner. The drinks options include a wide variety of cocktails, mocktails, premium whiskey, vodka, rum, gin and wine to suit all tastes. Plan a gala evening that will roll into a spectacular night with tasty starters, seafood and main course with delectable cocktails.