Scuba Diving in Havelock Island

Love water and don’t know how to swim. Want to experience how the water feels like with beautiful teeming millions of sea creatures swimming beside you. Take a scuba diving session in one of the most beautiful coral reefs of the world along the Havelock Island. You need not know swimming for scuba diving. There will be a brief training session by the diving instructor before the actual dive and he/she will then accompany and escort you throughout the dive. No fear of drowning while you are underwater. Glide along happily discovering the enchantment of deep blue seas.

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Travelling in a sea plane in Pot Blair

If you are willing to shell out some extra bucks for an unforgettable memory while in vacation in the Andamans, here’s to you. You can experience the once-in-lifetime ride in a cool seaplane run by Pawan Hans. Travel the distance from Port Blair and Havelock in your onward or return journey in this sleek plane and experience the thrill for 15 minutes. At a time, the seaplane can carry nine passengers. Ferries usually take 2 hours to cover the same distance by water. One-way expense is INR 2,000 per person.

Watching Bioluminescence in Havelock Island

Imagine the deep blue darkness of the infinite seas. Imagine the mellowed darkness of a New Moon night settling down. And then imagine amidst all the darkness a million twinkling stars emanating from the waters beneath you. Experience this unearthly feel of sheer thrill mixed with enigmatic beauty in the waters along the Havelock beaches. The phytoplankton when disturbed by the oars of your kayaking boats rage up like a million fireflies overwhelming you. A very few expert kayaking instructors arrange for night trips on New Moon nights in small groups. One such expert is Tanaz. She is famous in the Island and the localites will easily connect you to her.

Witnessing the light and sound Show in Cellular Jail in Port Blair

The light and sound show regularly held in the Cellular Jail in Port Blair is not to be missed when in Andamans for vacation. The Cellular Jail was used by the Britishers to imprison the colonial prisoners, the freedom struggle brave hearts of India. The Light and Sound Show is a wondrous remembrance of the era of struggle, battle for freedom, fighting for rights and inhuman torture meted out to the freedom fighters. The old Peepal Tree’s narration in the deep resonant voice of veteran Bollywood actor Om Puri transport you to the ancient days of cruelty, bravery and torture.

Watching the bustling parrots of the Parrot Island

Every day at sunset thousands of parrots dot the sky and the lands of Baratang Island as they return to their nesting holes. The boat trip combining a gorgeous sunset, the submerged stoic mangroves, a beautiful sea-fringed Baratang Island and thousands of noisy parrots make your visit worthwhile. While you would be perched on a floating boat near the island, you would see the amazing site of so many parrots gathered in one single piece of remote island far away in the heart of the oceans. The very magic of the phenomenon provides you the charm and the thrill.