The Andaman Islands are famous for having pure beaches with green tropical forests and clear waters. But there is also another natural beauty that might not be noticed so much – their waterfalls.

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These falls can be seen all around this group of islands and they offer a cool break from the hot and wet weather that characterizes these places. Visitors get to enjoy themselves in the unspoiled attractiveness of Andaman’s waterfalls. Starting with Lamiya Bay Waterfall and ending at Whisper Wave Waterfall, each cascade holds a different appeal.

We will discuss ten of the most fascinating waterfalls in Andaman, talking about their places, features and how to enjoy them. So, let’s start our trip to uncover the secret jewels of Andaman Islands – the captivating falls that are waiting for us.

Waterfalls in Andaman

1. Lamiya Bay Waterfall

lamiya bay waterfall in andaman

Location: Lamiya Bay, North Andaman Island

The Lamiya Bay Waterfall is hidden in the thick woodlands of North Andaman Island, and it offers a truly beautiful scene. To get to this waterfall, you need to take a small hike across the abundant green jungle–an adventure in itself.

When you come near the waterfall, you will hear water falling and feel the misty touch of refreshing droplets around it. The waterfall, it’s very impressive. Water drops from a high place of about 30 feet and comes into a clear pool below.

People can swim in these refreshing waters, rest on the stones nearby to relax or simply appreciate the peaceful environment here. The Lamiya Bay Waterfall represents what many waterfalls in Andaman look like: they are wild but beautiful too.

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2. Madhuban Waterfall

madhuban waterfall in andaman

Location: Madhuban, South Andaman Island

Situated in the central region of South Andaman Island, Madhuban Waterfall is a secret marvel that honors those willing to explore beyond usual paths. The waterfall can be found inside the Madhuban forest, renowned for its great variety of plants and animals.

In order to get there visitors need to hike across the forest which takes roughly an hour, passing streams and making way through thick vegetation. It takes some effort, but the view of Madhuban Waterfall makes it all worthwhile.

The waterfall tumbles from about 20 feet high, making a fascinating show of water and mist. The pool below the falls is an inviting place for a swim and rocks around are perfect to sit on and enjoy nature’s beauty that surrounds you.

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3. Whisper Wave Waterfall

whisper wave waterfall in andaman

Location: Baratang Island, Middle Andaman

The Whisper Wave Waterfall is in Baratang Island, a place that displays the quiet and calm nature of waterfalls found within Andaman. Its name comes from the sound produced by water as it falls on rocks – soft whispers.

You can go to this waterfall by taking a boat from Baratang Jetty and then going on foot through the forest. The way to the waterfall is nice, with good care taken and a pleasing walk among green plants.

Upon coming to the waterfall, it shows itself peacefully as water runs down rocks softly which makes for calming surroundings. The pool where the waterfall ends is not deep and perfect for a refreshing swim, making it ideal for families with kids.

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4. Kalapathar Waterfall

kalapathar waterfall in andaman

Location: Kalapathar Village, Middle Andaman

The waterfall called Kalapathar, found near Kalapathar Village in Middle Andaman, is a secret gem that invites you to come and discover it. It gets its name from the black rocks that enclose around the place, making an interesting comparison with clear falling water.

If you want to see this waterfall, prepare for a 30-minute walk through thick forest using an easy-to-find path. The journey is an experience, where you can see different kinds of birds and butterflies as you walk.

When nearing the waterfall, sounds of water rushing and views of the magnificent cascade will welcome your arrival. The Kalapathar Waterfall has two layers with water dropping from a height around 40 feet. The pool that forms at the bottom of the waterfall is suitable for swimming. It is a favorite place for both people living nearby and visitors from other places.

5. Avis Island Waterfall

avis island in andaman

Location: Avis Island, Mayabunder, North Andaman

The Avis Island Waterfall is a hidden treasure found on the small Avis Island, close to Mayabunder in North Andaman. To get to this waterfall, you must first ride a boat from Mayabunder Jetty going towards Avis Island.

After that, take a brief walk through the thick forest. The walk isn’t too difficult and provides an opportunity for visitors to discover the untouched attractiveness of the island. When you come close to the waterfall, it will make a sound like running water and look like a single drop of water falling in place amid green plants.

This waterfall is called Avis Island Waterfall. It has one fall that drops from about 25 feet down into a pool filled with clear water below it. The rocks around are good for sitting and resting, enjoying the quietness while appreciating this natural beauty of nature’s creation at Avis Island Waterfall.

6. Amkunj Beach Waterfall

ambkunj beach in andaman

Location: Amkunj Beach, North Andaman Island

The Amkunj Beach Waterfall is a distinct and scenic waterfall found at the unspoiled Amkunj Beach in North Andaman Island. What makes this waterfall special is its nearness to the beach, forming a striking mix of falling water and yellow sand.

For people to get to the waterfall, they have to walk briefly on beach from where cars are parked. When you come near to the waterfall, there will be water coming down from rocks and falling on the sandy shore. This makes an attractive show of nature’s beauty.

The Amkunj Beach Waterfall is quite small, with water falling from around 10 feet high. But its special place and environment around it make this a necessary visit for anyone who explores waterfalls in Andaman.

7. Ramnagar Beach Waterfall

ramnagar beach andaman

Location: Ramnagar Beach, Diglipur, North Andaman

The Ramnagar Beach Waterfall, situated on Ramnagar Beach in Diglipur of North Andaman, is a waterfall that nicely fits with the beach scene. It’s not difficult to get there; you can walk from the main road for a short time along the sandy beach.

When you come closer to the waterfall, you will hear water falling and see a lovely waterfall pouring onto the sandy edge. The Ramnagar Beach Waterfall has many levels, with liquid coming down from rocks in numerous phases before it reaches beach area. The rocks and plants around make this waterfall more attractive for people who enjoy taking pictures.

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8. Rangat Waterfall

Rangat Island

Location: Rangat, Middle Andaman

The Rangat Waterfall, found in the town of Rangat within Middle Andaman, is a quiet beauty that provides relief from busy daily routines. To get to this waterfall, one has to take a small trek through forest from main road. The trek is not too hard and gives an opportunity for people interested in exploring the rich green of that place.

When you come near to the waterfall, there will be noise from moving water and a beautiful scene of a single-drop cascade among thick woods. The Rangat Waterfall drops water from roughly 30 feet high into an open pool beneath it. Rocks and plants around give calm atmosphere creating good place for picnic or swimming in fresh cold bath.

9. Chidiya Tapu Waterfall

Chidiya Tapu, Birds Island

Location: Chidiya Tapu, South Andaman Island

The Chidiya Tapu Waterfall, positioned at the southernmost point of South Andaman Island, is a scenic waterfall that provides an unusual experience to those who visit. A quick trek through the woods from the main road takes you to this waterfall.

The walk is fairly simple and allows for bird and butterfly watching as you go along your path. When you come close to the waterfall, it appears like a lovely cascade hidden among green plants. What makes Chidiya Tapu Waterfall unique is that it goes directly into the sea.

This blend of fresh and salty water is quite remarkable. People can swim in the cool water of the waterfall and view at the same time ocean’s beauty.

10. Panchavati Hills Waterfall

panchavati hills in andaman

Location: Panchavati Hills, Diglipur, North Andaman

The waterfall is situated in the Panchavati Hills of Diglipur, North Andaman. This place is a secretive wonder to explore for those who are prepared and adventurous. You can only get there by doing a difficult trek through thick forest that has steep uphill sections and rough ground made of rocks.

The hike requires some serious hiking skills but it also gives you an opportunity to see the unspoiled charm of Panchavati Hills. When you get there, the waterfall will have a sound of rushing water and it will look like a big cascade coming down from high up.

The Panchavati Hills Waterfall has many levels which means that water falls down rocks in more than one stage making for an impressive sight showing nature’s strength. The pool where the waterfall ends is deep and cool, ideal for swimming after tackling this difficult trek.

FAQs about Waterfalls in Andaman

What is the best time to visit the waterfalls in Andaman?

The time when waterfalls in Andaman are most beautiful is during post-monsoon, from October to April. In this period, the falls have an impressive amount of water flow and they are also surrounded by greenery. The months from October to April have good weather too which makes it a suitable time for outdoor activities or visiting and exploring the waterfalls.

Are the waterfalls in Andaman accessible throughout the year?

In Andaman, certain waterfalls can be reached all the time, but others might have less water or no flow at all in summer (from May to September). Before making plans for a visit, it’s good to confirm with local officials or travel businesses about whether these particular waterfalls are open.

Do I need to obtain any permits to visit the waterfalls in Andaman?

For the majority of waterfalls in Andaman, they do not ask for any special permits to visit. But, a few waterfalls that are inside protected areas or tribal reserves might need you to have permission first from the related authorities. It’s always good advice to confirm with local tour operators or Andaman and Nicobar Tourism Department about current details on permits and limits.

Are there any safety precautions I should take while visiting the waterfalls in Andaman?

When you go to see the waterfalls in Andaman, it is very important to be careful and follow safety rules. Some main things you need to do for safety are:

  • Stay away from the waterfalls’ edges and don’t climb on wet rocks.
  • Watch over the swimming pools close to the waterfalls, for sometimes there could be strong water currents.
  • Wear sturdy footwear with good grip while trekking to the waterfalls.
  • Always follow the instructions of local guides or authorities.

Can I swim in the pools near the waterfalls in Andaman?

Certainly, swimming is usually permitted in the majority of pools near Andaman’s waterfalls. But, it’s crucial to be cautious and evaluate the condition of water before you enter into a pool. Few pools might have tough currents or concealed rocks so always take advice from local guides or authorities before swimming.