Andaman and Nicobar Islands are home to many exquisite flora and fauna. The breathtaking archipelago boasts over eight thousand types of terrestrial and marine species. It is truly a delight to explore Andaman’s beauty, especially if you are an animal lover and a nature enthusiast. On your trip to Andaman, you can explore wildlife parks, marine parks and sanctuaries covered with rich and dense foliage, creating a safe space for all the wild species. However, if you are short on time, you may take a quick visit to the Mini Zoo of Andaman, on Haddo Road, Port Blair. It’s a peaceful place to spend time in nature, and you can easily insert this zoo into your Andaman itinerary. To know more about the Mini Zoo of Andaman, please read on.

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About the Andaman Mini Zoo


The Mini Zoo was first established in Port Blair in 1967 with an earnest goal to safeguard the unique endemic animal species found on these islands in a caged environment for recreational purposes. This mini zoo also stands as a mini model of what is there more to the highly diverse ecology of the Andaman Islands. The zoo is located on the premises of the Forest Museum, famous for its educational display of the forest industry and sale of wooden artworks.

The zoo has a limited number of species (somewhere between 100 -150) as many animals, birds and reptiles were moved to the Chidiyatapu Botanical Park. The few species that are left here are the famous Andaman pig, the Andaman gecko, the white-bellied sea eagle and the Andaman Serpent Eagle, most of which are classified as vulnerable species. In addition, the zoo has also become a breeding programme for crocodiles, due to which it has gained traction among tourists and animal lovers. Once the crocodile is born, it is nurtured and taken care of within the zoo environment. Once they reach a certain stage of development, they are released in a natural mangrove swamp which is much more conducive to their habitat and natural surroundings. While taking a walk in the zoo, you can also spot the majestic padauk and shisham trees and other unique species of trees of the Andaman region.

The facade of the zoo is very humble and plain, and the size is true to its name. However, that’s what makes it so much easier to explore. After sightseeing, scuba diving and enjoying Andamanses cuisine, it is a perfect spot to relax and find serenity amidst nature. If you are travelling with kids to Andaman, they are more likely to enjoy this place. Here, you can spot the Malayan turtle, a python, gecko, crocodiles and other species. Moreover, it is an ideal spot to do some birdwatching. A dedicated birding area houses the native birds of Andaman, such as Andaman pigeons, parrots, serpent eagles, etc.

After a popper walkthrough of the zoo, you will understand why the conversation of animals and plants native to Andaman is essential and will gain an appreciation for the harmony with which all living beings can co-exist. You may also hire an expert who can guide and educate you about the ins and outs of the zoo, the species that it houses and beyond. All in all, visiting the Mini Zoo on your Andaman escapade would give you a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. It’s a perfect spot for all the animal lovers and nature enthusiasts ready to soak in the ecological diversity of the Andaman Islands.

Mini Zoo Andaman Address

Reaching the Mini Zoo in Andaman is a breeze as it is located in the prominent location of Delanipur-Chatham Road in Port Blair. Here is the address:

Haddo, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744102, India

How to Get to The Mini Zoo?

The Mini Zoo is located on the premises of the Forest Museum. Just a couple of steps, and you will introduce yourself to the beauty of nature. On your way back, remember to take a closer look at artefacts made from shisham, oak, and gurjan wood in the Forest Museum. You may also ask the museum staff for documentaries or short films to get a deeper understanding of the natural habitat and behaviour of the animals and birds.

Entry Fees of Andaman Mini Zoo

The entry fee for Andaman Mini Zoo is as follows:

  • For Adults: INR 2.00/- per person
  • For Children: INR 1.00/- per person

Timings of Mini Zoo:

The timings of Mini Zoo are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Tuesday to Sunday. On Mondays and national holidays, the museum and zoo are closed to visitors. Therefore, plan your travel accordingly.

Who should visit the Mini Zoo?

If you are a nature lover or an animal lover, you should definitely visit the mini zoo. Besides, if you are a visitor who does not have time to visit the parks and wildlife sanctuaries of Andaman, then visiting a zoo would be a great option to get insights on the ecological diversity of Andaman islands. And if you are travelling to Andaman Island with family and kids, then you should definitely visit the mini zoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which zoo is famous in Andaman and Nicobar?

The Mini Zoo located in the premises of the Forest Museum, Port Blair is famous in the Andaman and Nicobar.

When was the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Zoological Park established?

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands Zoological Park was established in 1967. It is located in Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

How many animal species does the zoo house?

There are around 100- 150 species of animals that are housed in Andaman Zoo. Some of the species are the Andaman pig, python, crocodiles, turtles, the Andaman gecko and the serpent eagle.

What are some of the endangered species found in the Andaman zoo?

The Andaman wild pig, the white-bellied eagle, and the saltwater crocodile are some of the endangered species that are found in the Andaman zoo.

What are some conservation efforts made by the zoo?

The primary conservation efforts include breeding and rearing programmes, along with educating visitors about the animal species native to Andaman.

Is photography allowed in the Mini Zoo?

Photography is allowed in the Mini Zoo but with certain restrictions.
Flash photography is not allowed.
Do not disturb the animals while taking pictures.
Do not use any heavy tripods or large camera equipment.
Always maintain a safe distance from the animals, birds and reptiles.

Are there any guided tours available?

You may request a guided tour, and a trained staff member will provide you with insights on the habitat and lifestyle of animals in the zoo.

What are the timings of the Andaman Mini Zoo?

The timings of Mini Zoo are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Tuesday to Sunday.

What is the price for the zoo in Andaman and Nicobar?

The price for entry in the zoo of Andaman and Nicobar is a miniscule amount of INR 2.00/- per person for adults and INR 1.00/- per person for children.

What are the best places to stay near the zoo?

The best places to stay near the zoo are:
Hotel Sea Palace, Port Blair
Hotel Palm Valley, Port Blair
Hotel Grand Andaman, Port Blair